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When you’re en route to the airport at an unnaturally early hour or embarking on a long-haul flight, your skin can bear the brunt of it. At 4 a.m. in the morning, donning a pair of sunglasses to cover those dark circles would look ridiculous and if you’re spending over three to four hours on a plane, it’s inevitable that your skin will dry out at 40,000 feet. That’s why it’s a smart idea to build a go-to travel bag, filled with nifty-sized products that will ensure your skin stays fresh and hydrated-looking, whatever the time or altitude!

When it comes to looking after and protecting your skin, everyone waxes lyrical about the importance of a good moisturiser and while this is certainly true, for me, equally important is eye cream. Tom Ford’s revolutionary Anti Fatigue Eye Treatment (£55) should be a skincare staple in every man’s washbag and whilst it’s the ideal size for travel, it certainly isn’t confined to the airport and should be used every day. As well as containing anti-wrinkle, age-defying properties, the silver-tip applicator also helps to reduce and soothe puffiness around the eyes, making it the ideal wake-up cream.

When it comes to that all-important moisturiser, remember that prevention is the best form of protection, so opt for one with an inbuilt SPF. Bulldog Skincare have a huge range of nutrient-rich products and their Protective Moisturiser (a steal at only £8) not only has nine essential oils and contains SPF 15, but at 100ml, it means you can bring it on board and apply as needed on the plane. Their Original Lip Balm (£3) is also a handy pocket-sized item so your lips don’t feel neglected amidst your well-hydrated skin.

If your schedule is tight and you don’t have time for a three or four-step skincare regime in the early hours of the morning, then Dior Homme’s Micro-Purifying Cleansing Gel (£29) could be your saving grace. Within minutes, it gently exfoliates the skin and unifies skin tone, leaving it instantly fresh and rejuvenated. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Molton Brown offer a travel bag (£40) with all the products you could possibly need, including a miniature body wash and shampoo alongside hand cream and moisturiser.

Let’s face it, we all wake up with tired-looking skin from time-to-time and these products can help reduce and mask any imperfections, but it’s important to look after your skin on a regular basis and not just when your early-morning reflection demands it. I would suggest getting a facial every couple of months and while many people think of this is a treat, I honestly think it’s the best and only way to completely revitalise your skin and when combined with a regular skincare routine, it can take years off your appearance. At the minute, there are a plethora of different types of facials out there and the variety and choice can seem mind-boggling and intimidating. In a world of vampire, lymphatic and acupuncture facials, perhaps the most trusted and favoured has to be microdermabrasion. It involves applying tiny grains to the face that are massaged and buffed away against the skin to remove excess build-up and dead layers.

If you’re planning a trip away and don’t want your skin to suffer as you rack up the air miles, booking yourself in for a microdermabrasion session a week or so before you leave will mean that you’ve provided yourself with the best possible base to tackle any altitude-induced skin issues

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