30 Things Every Guy Should Own By The Age of 30

Men hit their 'style peak' in their thirties (at the ripe old age of 36 to be exact), according to a new report. Here, I select the 30 things every 30-year-old guy should have at his disposal.

1. The perfect white shirt

Whether you’re wearing it under a three-piece suit or rolling the sleeves up and pairing with jeans, investing in a crisp, clasic white shirt is never a bad idea. 

2. Jeans: 

I’m stating the obvious here – every man needs at least one good pair of jeans, but you have to remember it’s all about fit. Say no to bootcut and flares and wave goodbye to spray-on skinny, these ones from Italian label Isaia are the perfect answer.

3. A ‘Good Shoe’

Your footwear choice can make or break an outfit, so it’s wise to spend some time and money sourcing the ideal option. These black A.P.C. brogues combine a classic style with modern design details.

4. A trench coat

Donning a trench is the easiest way to inject some serious old-school style into any outfit – it’s an ageless classic. Take inspo from this Burberry beauty!

5. A grey suit

Personally, I think a grey suit is the most versatile things a man can have in his wardrobe. It not only stands out in a sea of samey black suits, but it looks really good when worn as separates as well.

6. A double-breasted blazer

I am a big fan of the double-breasted blazer and it should take pride of place in any man’s wardrobe – it’s not only worth investing in one because of its flattering fit, but it’s also timelessly stylish. Win-win! 

7.The desert boot

When it comes to the desert boot, no one does it better than the brand credited with skyrocketing its popularity – Clark’s. Their black suede offering is a wardrobe must-have that defies time and trends.

8. A raincoat

This is an unquestionable, definite must-have. But that doesn’t mean you have to break out a mac-in-a-pac when it’s bucketing down. This option from Swedish label Stutterheim ensures that even on stormy days, you’re style cred remains intact. 

9. A weekend bag

There’s no point having a tightly edited wardrobe if you’re going to throw your carefully-selected garments into any old hold-all. This option from Want Les Essentiels is the perfect size for weekend getaways. Eye-catching and understatedly chic.

 10. White runners

There’s nothing better than box-fresh white trainers and they’re the perfect way to deconstruct a more formal outfit. Think of wearing your suit as separates and pairing your slim-fit grey trousers with a pair of classic Stan Smiths.

11. The Pea coat

The power of the pea coat is not to be underestimated. Whether you’re seven or seventy, this is a style that doesn’t date. Opt for navy and wear with an all-black ensemble for a high-fashion, low maintenance look.

 12. The white tee

This one goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway - a white t-shirt can form the base for a whole plethora of sartorial choices. Think slim-fit, but not Geordie Shore-style tight! 

13. Sunglasses

A style statement that hides a multitude. If you’ve an early morning after a late night, a killer pair of shades are absolutely essential to cover those puffy eyes. 

14. A chambray shirt

The chambray shirt has long been a wardrobe staple for both men and women and this updated version from J. Crew gives a modern twist with it’s double pocket detail and contrasting white stitching. 

15. Swimming shorts

Like with everything you wear, fit is crucial, so think about getting a pair with waist adjustors or side fasteners.

16. A denim jacket

Without doubt an essential wardrobe item but doubling up your denim can be tricky. If in doubt, style your denim jacket with black jean or chinos. 

17. A wash bag

Don’t let yourself down with a grubby old wash bag. This one from Hook Line & Sinker at John Lewis opens out to reveal a host of hidden pockets to separately store all of your grooming supplies.

 18. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel

I swear by this stuff and the great thing about this moisturiser is that it is caffeine and vitamin-enriched in a non-oily formula, so it simultaneously invigorates the skin whilst preventing shine.

19. A bomber jacket

The perfect transitional wardrobe staple – light enough for the oncoming spring months and always great for layering. This version from AMI combines utilitarian practicality with eye-catching detail.

20. Cufflinks

The devil is the detail and good pair of cufflinks give your formalwear that extra lift. My advice is to keep them minimalist and unfussy– It’s not about making a loud statement, but rather quietly elevating your look.

21. The watch

Again, when it comes to timepieces, my viewpoint is to keep it as streamlined and uncomplicated as possible. Long gone are the days of the big, brash diamond-encrusted face made famous by over-payed footballers. If you’re investing in a watch, think in terms of its potential for longevity, just as much as you’d think about its style.

22. A good razor

There’s some equation to be made between investing in a good razor and reaching maturity. These two things are almost synonymous with each other. This beauty from D R Harris is full of old school appeal and it’ll last for years.

23. A backpack

No longer the preserve of the student, the backpack is back with a bang. David Beckham is regularly pictured wearing one, so it’s perfectly acceptable to carry them into your 30s and 40s! 

24. The Breton stripe

Make like a Parisian in this timeless Breton stripe top from French label AMI. I would suggest going up a size or considering wearing this style a little looser on the body as it looks instantly more fashionable!

25. Chelsea boots

No self-respecting man should ever be without a pair of go-to Cheslea boots in his wardrobe. This black pair from Cheaney tick all the boxes and if you’re getting Chelsea boots in only one colour, make sure its black. 

26. A slim black belt

Think it’s acceptable to wear the same old Cowboy-inspired belt you’ve been sporting for the last ten years? Well, It’s not. Investing in a simple black belt will pay off ten fold.

27. A go-to sweater

When a casual sweatshirt just won’t do, having a back-up option is a good idea and this is where the classic crew-neck sweater comes in. Opt for classic colour such as navy, grey and black because these colours will pretty much go with any outfit choice and you can mix up your look with accessories.

28. A casual blazer

Alongside your suit, there should be a casual blazer of some sort. When the dress-code is smart-casual, it can always be a tricky one to navigate, but if you have a more relaxed-style blazer, it’s the perfect way to create a deconstructed formal look. 

29. A grandfather collar shirt

This style of shirt may have been around for years, but it has recently enjoyed a major resurgence in popularity. And with good reason! Head to Dries Van Noten for their sharp take on the collarless style.

30. The Overcoat

And finally, last but not least, it’s the overcoat. Choose carefully and you’ll have a solid wardrobe investment. This camel option from Paul Smith is a great coat that you’ll get years of wear out of.

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