Winter Style: Dublin In the Snow

A City Brought to a Standstill

A combination of storm Emma and the 'Beast from the East' brought blizzards and the entire island of Ireland was covered in a deep blanket of snow. The country was ground to a halt, with roads, public transport, airports, schools and pretty much everything else closed.

I was on a flight back from Mauritius when the storm hit so I count myself lucky to even land in Dublin. There was talk of diverting to Amsterdam but Dublin airport reopened for a brief window so we managed to land. Talk about contrasts though, 35 degree (celsius) tropical heat to Siberian conditions with real-feel temperatures of -18 degrees!

A big child at heart, I couldn't resist wrapping up and venturing out to the Phoenix Park to enjoy the snow in all it's glory. 

I broke out the big guns for the occasion. My Woolrich coat which is made for these conditions. Needless to say, the right footwear is essential, I wore my Sorel Caribou boots which are wool lined with leather and rubber soles so completely waterproof, ideal for deep snow. For added comfy, a pair of chunky, ribbed wool socks sealed the deal.

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