Chinos: The Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

Build Your Perfect Fit

Let’s face it, fashion is a fickle thing. Year after year, seasons change, trends come and go, and what’s considered 'in' one day is out the next. It’s a never ending carousel, one that can be difficult to get off if you’re not careful.

The cyclical nature of trends is nothing to be scared of but you need to be considered in how you work your wardrobe. And that’s where style comes in. Style is a different thing altogether and there are certain pieces of clothing that are essential to a man’s wardrobe, trusted garments that will always keep you looking good, no matter the year or season.

Chinos, by definition, are a cotton twill fabric, and one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. A slim or straight-fitting pair of cotton chinos are a great alternative to jeans and less structured than tailored trousers, hitting the mark between casual and formal. Nothing matters more than fit. Spoke Chinos provide chinos built for fit, with real craftsmanship. Using their online ‘Fit Finder’ they’ve found a sweet spot between bespoke and 'ready to wear'. In other words, a great fit without the hassle or cost of traditional tailoring. The process starts with a clean, modern outline acting as the baseline for your pair.

Their three cuts (A, B, C) have you covered, whatever your build. The simple ‘Fit Finder’ helps you choose the ideal style for you based on your shape, size and style preferences. For instance, if you find you often have too much fabric flapping around the seat and thigh, you'll be recommended the narrower Build A. On the other hand, if trousers are usually too tight in the seat and thigh, you'll be categorised as Build C. Build B is a happy medium.

Then it comes down to the details – the fabric, the lining, the fasteners, the wash, the colour, nothing is an afterthought. And hey presto, free delivery and returns, so you can try on in the comfort of our your own home. What’s more, they stand behind their chinos which come with a 100 day guarantee. They’ve also got a 5-star rating on TrustPilot to back it up.

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