Aer Lingus Business Class Experience: Dublin to Los Angeles

Excellent food, Service & a Solid Lie-Flat Seat.

Something that might surprise you to learn is that I once worked for Aer Lingus. Yes, I was a ground stewart during the summer while at University. I worked on check-in at Dublin airport...ohhhh the stories I could tell you but that’s for another time!

Needless to say, I’m very found of the airline and they are always my airline of choice where possible. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, I had a chance to try out the new Aer Lingus business class which is now fully rolled out to every long-haul aircraft in the fleet. What a treat, let me tell you!

The experience begins at check-in where I visited the dedicated business class check-in desks. Without any hanging around, I was quickly checked-in and made my way to customs.

Ireland is the only country in Europe where you can pre-clear US customs and immigration which is super convenient. It means no time is wasted while waiting to board your flight in Dublin. When you land in LAX it’s like landing on a domestic flight which means you avoid lengthy queues, go directly to pick up your bag and get on your way.

Dublin Airport recently opened the new 51st & Green US Preclearance lounge so I headed straight for there once through customs. It’s quite a little oasis and the views of the runway are excellent.

At boarding, I got to board first and was greeted by smiling flight attendants. Within minutes, I was settling in with a glass of bubbly in hand. The seat configuration is so that some of the seats are solo with a great sense of privacy and space to spread out. The space is well equipped with plenty of various storage options - there’s a basket to store your phone and other small items and a compartment that’s convenient for storing your laptop when you’re not using it.

There's also plenty of space to store chargers, phone, passport, wallet, moisturiser, books (I was/am reading Hillary Clinton’s ‘What Happened), food and drink menus etc, with plenty of room to spare. As well as the usual plug sockets, there’s also a handy USB plug port that I connected my iPhone to throughout the flight.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I enjoy my food so I was really looking forward to the meal service which turning out to be a real treat. The menu offered a choice of pan-seared fish, chicken fricassee, or a fillet of Irish beef. It was a day flight so I choose the beef which was delicious. It was served with spinach, jus, and potatoes dauphinoise, with an appetizer and followed by a lemon cheesecake dessert. Delicious! From start to finish, the flight attendants never let my glass run empty.

After dinner, I turned on the entertainment system and watched a documentary about female Japanese divers (which was fascinating), the latest Spiderman Movie and Marley & Me. NOTE - this last movie is a bad idea for any dog lover,it’s so emotional and I ended up a blubbering mess. The cabin crew very sweetly asked if everything was okay...mortified!

Time for a nap, and I extended my lie-flat seat into a full bed and slept like a baby for just over five hours. I normally struggle to sleep on planes so I was delighted with myself. It meant when I landed I felt relatively fresh, all things considered, and had plenty of energy to join some friends for dinner.

Aer lingus also provides free WiFi to its business class passengers so I was able to keep an eye on emails and instagram stories :-) All-in-all, it was a pretty flawless experience and the crew were exceptional. I even got chatting with the pilots and got a selfie in the cockpitt.

Editor’s Note: An Economy fare was paid and an upgrade to business class was provided by Aer Lingus.

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